את CEPHER Talmidiym

R 829

Talmidiym: A collection of the Epistles with Hebraic expression

The Eth Cepher Talmidiym sets forth the wisdom of the Apostles - Ya'aqov, Kepha, Yahuchanon, Yahudah, and Sha'ul in their writings often referred to as Epistles or Letters.

This book relates the writings using Hebraic footnotes to illustrate key concepts in the Epistles, and is capable of creating new concepts and new views on the Epistles many of us know so well.

An indispensable tool for the student of the Epistles and those preaching on these subjects, as the Talmidiym provides new Hebraic conceptualization.

Black linen hardcover with gold embossing. 
Large 10pt Cambria font.
Size: 18cm x 25cm
307 pages.

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