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BLOM Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner

R 98

This probiotic all purpose cleaner gives your home healthy, baby and pet friendly surfaces. 

The unique formula uses the power of microbes instead of chemicals to break down and eliminate dirt, grease and odours. The probiotics remain active on surfaces and protect your surfaces from dirt, odour and pathogenic bacteria long after you have finished cleaning.  

The products contain human grade probiotics which hold many benefits for you, your family and pets. All purpose cleaner can be used in bathrooms, kitchens etc.! 

Suitable for all surfaces that can withstand water, counters, windows, stainless steel, ceramics, tiles and even porous surfaces like marble and wood. (Always ensure that you re-oil the wood). 

Available in 500ml pump glass bottle and 30ml refill. 

Kindly note the bottle only comes with 15ml concentrate included. Water need to be combined before initial use. This is to avoid unnecessary spillage and wastage of the product. 

Directions for use:
Fill the bottle with water and shake well. To refill, add 15 pipets [15ml] from the refill bottle and top with water. 

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