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Bridal Garden Anointing Oil Set

R 595

Available in a ‘little black box’ you will find ten amber colored roll-on bottles, each beautifully labeled and fragranced with the oils of Solomon’s trees of the Bridal garden (Song 4:12).

Accurately described in The Passion Translation as:

Pomegranate of passion,
Henna from heaven,
Spikenard so sweet,
Saffron shining,
Calamus from the cross,
Sacred Cinnamon,
Frankincense (branches of scented wood),
Myrrh like tears from a tree, and
Aloes as eagles ascending.
Bride of Christ blend – the nine fold anointing.

To fully understand and experience the impact of these oils, you can also purchase my book, The Bride who Burns the Midnight.

Anointing oils in the set are all 5ml. 

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