Charmaine Riley

Charmaine Riley - With Hind's Feet On High Places

R 160

With Hinds Feet on high places is for those who struggle to be a child of God in a practical day-to-day way.  It teaches you how to deal with unwanted emotions.

You will learn how to forgive those who hurt you and to bless your ‘enemies.  You will learn how to deal with rejection, fear and pride and how to use the Word of God as a Sword to overcome your emotions.

It teaches you who you are in Christ. You will learn to understand the value of the Blood of Jesus as well how to use it to cover you and your loved ones and, most importantly, how to use it as the most powerful weapon on earth.

The chapters are short and end off with a simple, honest prayer to help you start your journey to emotional healing.

It should be read several times to absorb the practical truths therein and to learn how to apply them.

The book is written without pretense or flourish so that even young believers will easily understand it.

Be blessed as you grow into the bride of the Beloved.

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