Heidi Mitchell

Heidi Mitchell Exclusive Combo Offer

R 620

An exclusive offer from Heidi Mitchell.

The offer includes the following:

- My Father's Voice / My Vader se Stem Book & CD [Afrikaans & English]
- Beyond the Veil CD
- The Journey CD
- Wedding Bells CD

My Father's Voice

My Father's Voice is an inspirational testimonial of Heidi's journey of tears and joy, as she learns to hear and obey the Father's Voice - crucial for the turbulent times we are in.

Sometimes our lives become the parable and this book is full of her personal experiences of hearing and obeying our Heavenly Father’s voice and the miracles, lessons and adventures that resulted.

Alongside the book she also recorded an instrumental CD.

God’s voice is like rushing waters, a beautiful symphony of sound. He has ministered deeply to her while she recorded this CD, and she believes each one will experience His presence and hear His voice when listening to “My Father’s Voice” CD.

Beyond the Veil CD is music birthed as God revealed the keys to enter into deep intimacy with Him.

As you journey through the divine order of the tabernacle revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai, each step fulfilled by Yeshua our Saviour, you too can enter the Holy of Holies.

This instrumental CD will take you from the outer courts into the holy of holies. 

The Journey CD includes rich Holy Spirit inspired compositions that wash over your soul and energize your spirit. Journey from glory to glory into a deeper revelation of Yeshua.

May this instrumental CD resonate in your deepest chambers of your spirit man and give you the courage to access God’s promises for your life.

Wedding Bells CD is a brand-new Holy Spirit breathed sound release.

In these turbulent times we need to hear the sound of Heaven, the sound of the Father, the sound of the Groom and the sound that brings healing and restoration to the bride.

Abba Father gave Heidi "Healing Leaves” (Track 3) with the express purpose of bringing healing and the testimonies have been pouring in from around the world of supernatural healing as this sound has washed over people.

This Heaven-sent instrumental CD will fill your home and your heart with His peace and tranquility. 

Normal selling price R720. 

Available in Afrikaans and English. 

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