Kransfontein Landgoed

Kransfontein Landgoed Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil

R 115

Kransfontein Landgoed once belonged to the renowned writer Wilbur Smith.
Most of his novels were written in his cottage overlooking the Goukou River and flourishing olive trees. The estate’s slopes are all north facing which provides ample sun and moist to grow.

The estate farms biologically and no chemicals are used during the production process.
Olives are 100% natural since no preservatives or artificial ingredients are added.
Olive oils are EVOO, thus extra virgin olive oil where the olives are pressed only once.

These olive trees, originally from Spain, were imported by Franciscan monks and established at mission stations throughout the world.

Oil produced from Mission olives typically has a soft and delicate flavour. The attractive round dark purple fruit are also the most popular table olives in South Africa.

The oil is cold extracted and extra virgin. 

Available in a 500ml glass bottle or 1 litre tin. 

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