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Little Lamb Bamboo Baby Nappies

R 265 R 365

Struggling with nappies leaking at night? Give Little Lamb bamboo cloth nappies a chance! Customisable with extra boosters (sold separately) to ensure a night time solution that will keep your baby dry, the whole night! 

Using cloth nappies during the night makes a BIG difference to the environment and your wallet! You can add the nappy to your normal washing.

Little Lamb bamboo super soft fitted nappy provides an extraordinary level of absorbency and a comfortable fit for your baby and paired with a Bomb proof wrap made from a naturally s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y and soft knitted poly fabric that has a breathable membrane bonded to the inside.

This ensures air can circulate through the fabric, keeping the temperature down, but the larger moisture molecules are kept inside.

The result is a night time nappy solution that is super comfortable, absorbent and  keeps the wee and poop contained.

Available in the following sizes:

- Size 1 [3-9kg]
- Size 2 [9-17kg] 
- Size 3 [Above 17kg]

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