Phyto Force Herbal

Oxygen Boost

R 215

Oxygen Boost

Oxygen dissolves waste in our body.  If there is not enough oxygen then this waste collects in cells and we say the body is toxic or dirty. If this is allowed to continue the body cannot manufacture healthy cells or remove cell waste properly.

Life Leader Oxygen Boost helps to oxygenate the blood, thereby assisting in removing waste and improve the function of healthy cells. Healthy cells thrive on high bodily oxygen while infected cells thrive on low bodily oxygen. The alkaline mixture ensures less lactic acid build up, so less muscle pains. 

Used by sportsmen and women in all fields of sport. 

Higher oxygen levels mean enhanced performance. 

Used also by regular gym goers as increased oxygen means you can work out for much longer so accelerating you to goal fitness.

Available in a 30ml. 

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