SUIWER Breast Oil 30 ml

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TAHOR - clean/pure = suiwer

Tahor - Tet (9), hey (5), vav (6), reysh (200)

"A heart to be surrounded by the Holy Spirit that is connected to the Prince and through His grace our hearts can become clean."

"The pure and clean that we refer to in Suiwer (tahor) is not achievable by our own defiled and wicked hearts and doings. This refers to the clean and pure heart and lives that we can receive by means of the precious blood sacrifice of Yeshua on the cross for our sins. Only He is able to cleanse us from our old sinful and defiled lives. 

The Suiwer Breast Oil started out of my own testimony. I found out I had a form of cancer on my nose and Abba told me to use an oil I previously blended, even though I had very little knowledge about essential oils at the time. He said as I apply it to the affected area I should pray (the cancer is gone now).

I also struggled with some pain and discomfort in my breast and found out that many of my friends and loved ones were experiencing all sorts of breast issues (including some cases of breast cancer). As I started applying this oil to my breast, I got an intense feeling coming over me that Abba wants all His daughters to use His medicine in healing and preventing diseases that include breast cancer." - Trunette from SUIWER

The healing properties of Frankincense and Myrrh is AMAZING with the ability to fight free radicals, toxic- and cancer cells.

The heart of this product is not only the healing properties of the oil, but also the application proclamation prayer that comes with it.

We advise you to pray this over yourself everyday.

Abba’s heart for the SUIWER Breast Oil is:

This is natural skincare with a purpose. To become His pure bride. 

We pray as you apply this oil on your body, that you will experience the supernatural LOVE of Abba, and that you will start to walk a life journey of forgiveness towards your transgressors while seeing yourself through the loving eyes of Abba Father.

This will bring healing to your body, soul, and spirit!

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