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YadaYah lotion

R 195

YadaYah is a Hebrew word that means 'to know God (Yah)'.

It speaks of knowing God on a intimate level. Knowing God is to become one with Him.

Leprosy was a terrible illness linked to sin. It caused the person to live in isolation from everyone. How many of you feel this way? Separated from God. Separated from men.

When Yeshua came upon a leper, no-one wanted to help him. Only Yeshua! The question the leper asked was... If You would, please can You CLEANSE me. Notice he did not ask heal, but cleanse. Yeshua answered with a BIG YES, I AM! 

We are all in need of deep spiritual cleansing. The cleansing of the leper took place after healing for 7 days. These ingredients were used: Hyssop, Cedarwood and scarlet. 

May this product help you as a reminder on your journey to spiritual cleansing and healing. Know you are cleansed and forgiven. 

“and the priest shall go out of the camp, and the priest shall look. Then, if the case of leprous disease is healed in the leprous person, the priest shall command them to take for him who is to be cleansed two live clean birds and cedarwood and scarlet yarn and hyssop.” - Leviticus 14:3 - 4 ESV 

This ritual in Lev 14 points to the redemption work of Messiah, who would cleanse those stained with the leprosy of sin. 

This product comes in a 100ml and contains only natural ingredients. 

Ingredients: Cedarwood, hyssop, shea butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and scarlet yarn. 

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