Covenant Prayer Shawl

R 740

Covenant Prayer Shawl - Bought with His blood.

A prophetic covering proclaiming your covenant through the Lamb.

"...then taking the cup of wine and giving praises to the Father, He entered into covenant with them, saying, "This is My blood.  Each of you must drink it in fulfilment of the covenant.'"  MAT 26.27

YHUH is an Elohim of covenant.  If we look at the ancient Hebrew pictographs, covenant refers to the 'Tent of the Prince', which is the Tabernacle of ABBA.

To be in covenant with Him, means to dwell with Him in His tent and walk in obedience.   His blood is precious and should not be taken for granted or used in a lighthearted manner.  

His blood cleanses us from sin,  it heals us and protects us from the enemy.  His blood has a voice that calls out, 'Redemption!'.

Using it prophetically comes with great responsibility because it is a powerful weapon.


HEB 9.22  &  EX 19.5-6  &  JOH 6.55-58  &   1 COR 11.24-30

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