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Yeshua Necklace

R 1,335

"I endeavour to live by faith in Yahweh and honour His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, honour my husband, love my children and run my household, whilst also providing believers with meaningful jewelry pieces. My designs are inspired by symbols found in Scripture and also include Hebrew words with significant meaning. I trust that each piece of jewelry will be one that makes you feel set-apart and truly adorned." - Leedia [owner of Elloise Jewelry].

This is a sterling silver necklace that has the name of our Saviour and Messiah Jesus in Hebrew, Yeshua, connected to it in the middle.  The Hebrew word literally means Yah saves.

"Our Saviour Yeshua the Messiah, who gave Himself for us, to redeem us from all lawlessness and to cleanse for Himself a people, His own possession, ardent for good works" (Titus 2:13b-14).

Dimensions: 2cm long x 0.9cm wide.

The pendant part of the necklace is 2cm x 0.9cm. The total length of the chain is 42cm.

There are limited stock of items. Kindly allow a 14 day lead time before the item is shipped to you. Making precious jewelry pieces by hand takes time, but we will be in touch with you throughout the process.

This item can also be made in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold. Please contact us on hello@atavah.com for a quote.

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