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Kosher Desert Salt

R 39

Kosher Desert Salt  is a pure luxury salt. Kosher means “Fit to Eat”. 

It has no anti-clumping agents and no iodine which you find in table salt. 

The fine Kosher Desert Salt has a slightly coarser grain than sea salt.  Our seas are polluted hence the term “Kosher” means “fit to eat” as the desert salt comes from a cave under the Kalahari Desert which has streams of water flowing into it making it a sustainable source of salt.  

The salt water is pumped to the surface of the Kalahari desert and left to dry under the hot African sun.

In Middle Eastern countries salt is used as a covenant of friendship.  

The Kosher salt comes in two options:

- 100g Kosher Desert Coarse Salt Grinder.
- 400g Kosher Desert Salt Fine.

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