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5g Equalizer

R 305

5g Equalizer

Powerful Orgonite to mitigate 5g radiation effects from Ancient Biblical Oils.

A Potent orgonite tower buster for 5g antennas and other strong sources of electromagnetic radiation in your vicinity. Standard orgonite mix augmented with galenite, black tourmaline, shungite, smokey quartz, malachite, jet and iron oxide crystals. Use also for strong WIFI routers and repeaters in your home and office environment that cause you headaches.

Powerful Orgonite to mitigate 5g radiation effects from Ancient Biblical Oils.

Powerful orgonite towerbuster especially formulated to counter the 5g threat.

Many things have been said about the dangers of pervasive 5g radiation to your health and wellbeing. So we have formulated this special 5g Equalizer orgonite towerbuster especially for maximum radiation protection.

The main mineral ingredient next to the standard orgonite mix with quartz crystal is galenite, a heavy crystal of lead sulfate and about 2% of silver. Galenite is highly radiation absorbing. Remember the lead aprons the nurses or doctors wear when taking your x-ray?

Further added minerals:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Shungite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Malachite
  • Jet
  • Iron oxide based crystals from Kuruman

All this provides a highly potent powerful protection from 5g and other, similar microwave radiation.

We recommend this in your personal space, especially if you're highly electrosensitive. A good place would be near or on your WIFI router.

For maximum benefit use it on all nearby 5g transmitters, strong WIFI routers in your house or office and any cellphone masts. (5g or otherwise within 500m, better 5km, from your home or place of work).

Ordinary cellphone towers can otherwise still be gifted with "Dirty Harry" TBs. This means you hide it near the antenna, not just on your own property.

Available in the 6.5x3cm size. 

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