Psalm 91 Prayer Wall hanging

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Psalm 91 Prayer Wall hanging

Psalm 91 is a powerful declaration of YHWH's protection. There are many testimonies were people prayed Ps91 in their hour of need and were miraculously saved.

Please watch the video to get a full understanding of why this range was made in obedience to a dream Abba had given Stefani Ernst:

We will soon enter some troubling times and if you study Psalm 91 together with the book of Revelation, you will see the similarities between the verses of Psalm 91 and the seals that will be opened.

Our PS91 Prayer range is about declaring that Yahuah Sabaoth is your protector.  

Yahuah Sabaoth: He has universal sovereignty over every army, spiritually and earthly. King of all the Heaven and the earth.

May YHUH Cover you with His wings of protection.  He is our shield and our deliverer.

Material: 100% Linen Mesh

Product dimensions: 90 cm x 180 cm.  Includes two wooden rods and a string for hanging.

Also available as

  • A Prayer Shawl:
  • An infinity Scarf:


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