The Blueprint 333

22:22:22 Sound Of Extraordinary Power

R 190

Qol Yattir Koach - The Sound of Extraordinary Power
A special anointing oil from the Blueprint 333 team.

Prophetic anointing oils & balm were blended by Christine De Beer Hofmann in obedience to the Father, and form part of different events hosted on the Amo’or channel.

Should you desire access to these teachings or events, you can email us at

Kindly contact us directly on 079 807 0470 for the audio anointing prayer that accompanies this specific anointing oil. 
Suggested Prayer Declaration
Below is a suggested declaration to pray or sound over the oil as the Ruach (Spirit) leads you. Apply in a prophetic action, by faith, as a Holy Spirit impartation of Heavenly Power and Completeness.
  • Yeshua, I declare before You that I am keeping Your Word and I honour your Name and testify to it.
  • Yeshua, I thank You for opening the door of Heaven for me with the Key of David.
  • I open myself to You. Saturate me with Your pure Divine Master Turn Key to vibrate of readiness & holiness in harmony with the very DNA breath of YHVH. To Your Glory!
  • Holy Spirit, Ruach Qodesh, anoint me so that I can release a new sound of Love that shines Your Glory at the highest heavenly frequency that will affect people’s hearts and set them on fire!
  • I declare I am willing to lay my life down to be your bondservant. Move me closer to sing the song of the Lamb. Set my heart’s direction steadfast on the “Great North”, the Alpha and Omega.
  • My heart trembles at Your Word! I prophesy that I will receive your gifts, your anointing to do miracles, wonders & signs.
  • I prophesy that it is the desire of my heart to hear what I see and see what I hear. Open my eyes and ears so that I can hear and see the sound of my Father’s heartbeat.
  • I declare a double portion of eternal Spiritual inheritance. I will persevere and endure to receive it. I proclaim that my obedience to heaven will bring vibration, sound, and light – Anointed Fire Power!
  • I pray, O Lord, you are the Beginning and the End. To You belong all authority and You are all-powerful. Out of my weakness comes my strength to be a priest unto my Righteous King.
  • I declare to take a quantum leap of faith, ABBA Father. Fill me with the unlimited power of your Word.
  • I proclaim that I am a warrior bride, ready to follow You in Your heavenly army when You return for the Wedding of the Lamb.

Oil on its own has no power or magic, but oil prayed over has much power – it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (Isa 10:27).
Use the oil to anoint, to rub with oil, especially in order to consecrate someone or something. Anoint something to set it apart for special usage.
Mashach (Hebrew) refers to the custom of rubbing or smearing with sacred oil.
Most of all, it is important to remember that God anoints and seals us, while the Holy Spirit teaches us.
Ingredients: All natural ingredients. These oils are made from concentrated natural oils. Use in small amounts, sparingly. Preservative oil: Wheatgerm

Caution: Always do a patch test on your skin to check for any allergies before using.


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