The heart of ATAVAH has always been to create opportunities for fellow believers where they can sell their products and grow their businesses.  Simultaneously this provides the buyers a chance to purchase quality products from people within the body, in this way we are supporting each other and creating our own little economy.

ATAVAH Community Market gives YOU, the seller, a chance to sell direct to the public.  This will mean you do not have to add VAT to your products and you will only pay a small commission to ATAVAH.  Each seller has a profile page, so buyers can browse the different sellers and get to know the suppliers better.  You also have the benefit of using the ATAVAH platform, which is an established brand, to sell your products.

Most of our suppliers offer hand made items which take a lot of time and skill. In the past, these products were sold through ATAVAH which meant we had to add VAT and a profit to cover our overheads.  In turn it made the products expensive plus the suppliers had a smaller margin.  With the Community Market, all of the products will be more affordable.

To ensure that the buyers still have a convenient shopping experience, all products purchased will be added to one cart and one payment transaction.  However, if you buy from multiple suppliers, you will need to pay a small courier fee from each supplier because the products are shipped directly from the suppliers.

Thank you for your support,

The ATAVAH team.