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777 7 777 All-In-One Prophetic Oil El Elyon

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777 7 777 All-In-One Prophetic Oil, El 'Elyon.  

A special anointing oil from the Blueprint 333 team.

El 'Elyon means, The Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Prophetic anointing oils & balm were blended by Christine De Beer Hofmann in obedience to the Father, and form part of different events hosted on the Amo’or channel.

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Kindly contact us directly on 079 807 0470 for the audio anointing prayer that accompanies this specific anointing oil. 

The Meaning of Seven

As we all know, the number 7 is a highly significant number in the Bible and other ancient extra-biblical books, like the books of Enoch and Jubilees.

"It should be clear that the oil, 777 7 777, testifies about the significance of the number 7, the meaning of 7, and the position of 7. The first batch of oil was made in 7 bottles of 7 ml each.

On the day the oil was released, God said, “I’m making an oath with my people. My people will become like Me. Their DNA will be changed. They will be obedient to my voice and they will shine” (see Daniel 12:3).

With this oil, we are reminded of the oath that God made that He will change us to be like Him, to dwell with Him in the New Jerusalem, but also to have eternal life, like Him.

I heard Him say: “I don’t lie, and you will shine. Although you go through trial and tribulation, I promise, you will shine.”

He will change His people’s DNA, and they will become like Him. If God repeats something 7 times, it is very important. So, this is a very important oil. I saw a vision where Yeshua stood with a 3-dimensional cube and He asked, “What is the code?” Then He opened the door with the code. It is a portal, an entry point, a door.

With this oil, we proclaim that Yeshua is opening the door to Heaven for His people.

There is a golden thread that comes from the 22:22:22 oil. This thread speaks of the love of YHVH. One of the ingredients in this oil speaks about immortality. Putting this ingredient in the oil, reminds us of the oath of the Father - immortal.

This oil is also a preparation for burial, because we do not fear death. We know that we will overcome death through the power of God. This is the same power He enacted in Yeshua when He raised Him from the dead (Eph. 1:19-22).

Three gospels relate the event where a woman anointed the feet of Yeshua. This reminds us that you have to die first, in order to be resurrected with the Messiah (Eph. 6).

This oil has a holy, pure, expensive, extravagant fragrance. This oil prepares you to die of self, to surrender, as Yeshua were prepared to die, so He could be resurrected and transformed.

This oil is preparing us for more difficult times. He is telling us that a lot more suffering lies ahead to purify us. He is not harsh, but we are sinful and He has to get rid of our sins.

The road ahead is heavy, but through an act of perfect Love, Yeshua anoints your feet with this oil, to prepare you for every step of the way. This prophetic oil prophecies that your DNA will be transformed and you will become like Him." - Christine DBH

How do I use the oil?

Oil on its own has no power or magic, but oil prayed over has much power – it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (Isa 10:27).

Use the oil to anoint, to rub with oil, especially in order to consecrate someone or something. Anoint something to set it apart for special usage. Mashach (Hebrew) refers to the custom of rubbing or smearing with sacred oil. Most of all, it is important to remember that God anoints and seals us, while the Holy Spirit teaches us.

Oil Ingredients: All natural ingredients. These oils are made from concentrated natural oils. Use in small amounts, sparingly. Preservative oil: Wheatgerm

Caution: Always do a patch test on your skin to check for any allergies before using.

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