Atavah Kingdom Scrolls

A tale of Passover by Brittani Ramirez

R 155

A tale of Passover

Dive into the epic Exodus story with 'A Tale of Passover,' a compelling narrative that explores the significant role of Elohim in the journey of the Israelites to freedom. This book intricately weaves the Passover story, highlighting its foreshadowing of the Messiah.

Experience the plagues, the Passover meal, and the dramatic escape from Egypt, all revealing deeper spiritual truths. Ideal for those seeking to understand the roots of faith, 'A Tale of Passover' offers a rich blend of history and spiritual insight in a concise, engaging format.

- Torah Observant Christian Children's Book
- Ideal for ages 4-8
- Teaches children about the Festival Appointments of Yah.
- Size: 21,6 cm x 21,6 cm with 28 pages

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