Aaron's Beard Oil

Aaron's Beard Oils

R 130

"Aaron’s beard oil was born out of a lonely beard without oil. Since everything runs better with oil, I went scouting for beard oil. The problem was I could not find a beard oil that was suitable for the expression of masculinity on my face.

The vision of the beard oil companies had a different idea of manhood than that which is portrayed in reality.  This is really where we thought, lets make our own beard oil.

We at Aaron’s felt we could not compromise on quality, so we use only the best in organic carrier and essential oils available." - Edgar [owner of Aaron's Beard Oils].

Psalm 133 is the heart of Aaron’s beard oil. It is about brotherhood. 

Authentic manhood alongside true brothers. Aaron’s beard oil has the potential to unite all men across denominational church backgrounds for the cause of Christ. Lets join hands (and beards).

The following combinations are available:

  • Bear Mint - Peppermint
  • Lionwood - Sandalwood
  • Golden Eagle - Lemon
  • Stallionberg - Bergamot
  • Royal Sable - Lavender

Beard oils come in a 30ml in a glass bottle. 

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