Afrika Mhlope

Afrika Mhlope - A Passion For Position

R 279

A call to servant leadership.

All too often, leaders pursue materialism and a title, instead of concentrating on God's specific mandate for their lives.

In A Passion for Position, Afrika Mhlophe tackles the timely issue of leadership and how it can be misused in today's society.

He turns us back to the true definition of godly leadership, reminding leaders that their purpose is to serve.

Their value is not defined by their number of Facebook followers or how many congregants attend their church, but by fulfilling the role God ordained for them, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

Mhlophe believes that genuine godly leaders have a love-relationship with God that is defined by a desire to please God, not man.

Such leaders are Christians first and leaders second.

A Passion for Position will enable readers to lead with integrity and to be motivated by the Lord, not people, living their lives to an audience of One.

152 x 220 mm. Softback. 256 pages. 

Available in English. 

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