Afrika Mhlope

Afrika Mhlophe - Christianity And The Veneration Of Ancestors

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Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors is a book that should be read by every Christian who resides on the continent of Africa.

The practice of venerating the dead affects everyone in Africa, whether they are participants or observers of this practice.

In this landmark publication, Afrika Mhlophe dares to speak openly about the issue of ancestral veneration in the greater African continent.

He boldly highlights the unquestionable links between this long-standing cultural practice and idolatry, along with its effects in modern contexts.

He searches the Scriptures and clearly articulates God's mind regarding the veneration of the dead.

Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors opens up the taboo subject of death, life after death and what happens to people when they die. It discusses the various theories some African people have about death.

The author also considers people who enter into covenants with the dead and the implications of those covenants. He offers a Biblical perspective on issues such as life after death, ancestors and ancestral spirits, burial rites and practices, syncretism and idolatry.

Mhlophe not only highlights the theological aspects that relate to the veneration of the dead but also sociological and practical issues that are impacted by this practice.

Mhlophe trusts God will open the doors for the message of the book to spread and impact people who need to receive it — including those who need to be set free, believers who have friends who have unbiblical beliefs about ancestors, and people who are ministering in cultural contexts where ancestral worship is practiced.


Available in English only. 


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