Hadassah Healing Oils

Allergy Blend

R 365

Allergy Blend

This is a Allergy blend from Hadassah Healing Oils of pure essential oils that work well together to relieve different types of allergies.

Decreasing symptoms of seasonal allergies or allergic reactions.

Apply directly to the skin to assist with skin allergies or itch.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and assists to loosen mucus, calming the nervous system, and is safe to use on children.

Inhale this blend to alleviate allergic sinusitis.

Inhale Method: Drip 2-3 drops of suggested essential oil or as otherwise directed, into the palm of the hands, rub once to open the molecules (rubbing will evaporate the oil), cup your hands around your mouth and nose and deeply inhale. 

INGREDIENTS: This allergy blend contains peppermint, lemon, lavender, frankincense which all assist in helping with symptoms of seasonal allergies.

This blend comes in a 30ml glass bottle. 


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