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Anneline De Hout - Aleph Bet Workbook [Uncover Hebrew Letters]

R 185

The Aleph-Bet Workbook has been compiled as a tool  to help Christians who have a desire to understand Hebrew Script.

Your understanding and interpretation will grow as you familiarize yourself with the individual letters.

For this purpose, Anneline included various “layers” of uncovering the Hebrew letters - one letter per page. 

Each work page contains:
- The ancient symbol
- The Paleo Hebrew script
- The Babylonian (Modern) Hebrew script
- A description of the symbol
- The value assigned to that letter
- Its pronunciation
- A Basic interpretation with application
- Bible verse(s) for reflection
- Three words to help you recognize the letters
- Writing practice
- An illustration of the interpretation of the letter
- Space for personal notes
The Aleph-Bet Workbook was designed by Anneline de Hout, author and Sela administrator. Her own journey of how she perceives the character of יהוה YHWH, the Lord, revealed in each letter, is woven into these pages.

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