Anneline Hugo

Anneline Hugo - On Overcoming [Real encounters with the Living God]

R 285


Does God exist? And if He does, who is He? Is God merely a life force or does He have a personality? Could He be a Heavenly Father with a loving nature towards us? How does He get real?

It seems easier to believe when all is well, but what if life's carpet is pulled out from underneath us and our world turned upside down? 

Whatever it is that you are going through or have had to face, you are called to not merely survive but overcome. Invited into abundant life.

How does this work, you say? It involves taking a great big leap. Surrender.

On Overcoming is a collection of encounters with the Living God -  accounts of real women who have each had to face their own giants and in the process find answers to some of the toughest questions.

It is a book about overcoming.


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