Hadassah Healing Oils

Brain Blend - Diffuser

R 520

Brain Diffuser Blend

This is a blend from Hadassah Healing Oils is a pure essential oils blend with no carrier and can be used in a diffuser, 5 drops unless otherwise advised.

May be used during the day while working/studying, the molecules travels through the limbic system and enter through the blood-brain barrier support brain function.

This is a very stimulating blend that helps with the symptoms of brain fog, and fatigue, improves concentration and memory, promotes mental health and focus. It will boost mental alertness and eases mental fatigue; stimulates the brain and enhances cognitive performance.

It helps to stimulate and renew new brain pathways and decreases brain inflammation. You can use a drop of this blend over the temples and neck before working/studying.

This diffuser blend comes in a 10ml glass bottle. 

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