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Collagen Capsules

R 460

Collagen Capsules

The herbs used in this formulation contain properties known to increase collagen production, firm the skin and prevent the breakdown of collagen.


Studies found that the properties of the ingredients for the product have a potent anti-oxidant action, and the ability to prevent the breakdown of collagen, while at the same time regulating the acid-base balance. This may prevent sagging skin, wrinkles, and dry or cracked skin, thereby renewing the appearance of the skin.

The herbs are known to stimulate the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver and assist the body in building connective tissue, which in turn firms the skin because it increases collagen production.

They also found that the action of the properties found in the ingredients is much more potent in conjunction with a change in lifestyle and diet, as well as treating the digestive system to enable it to absorb nutrients. It is always a good idea to detox the liver and blood for the best effects, as well as consume the correct type of oils.

Directions for use: 2 capsules 3x daily. 30min before meals.

Not suitable for pregnant woman. Protect from sunlight. Store below 25°c.

Available in 120 capsules. 

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