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Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver


Silver Genesis 500ml – Electro Colloidal Silver (ECS)

Positively Charged Nano Silver Colloidal

What is electro-colloidal silver – and what is not?

Electro colloidal silver can be defined as silver in its sub-atomic state. When produced correctly, it consists of trillions of positively charged silver ions suspended in a solution of ‘structured’ distilled water.

Silver compounds are formed when produced incorrectly, applying excessive current (i.e., electrolysis). These would need to dissolve in the body, leaving natural silver atoms that readily bond to protein, thus having limited bio-availability and efficacy.

Unfortunately, when it comes to “colloidal silver”, the term has been very loosely used regardless of whether the solution contains silver compounds, rather than positively charged silver ions. Any statement that a substance is “colloidal silver” is not nearly enough information to gauge the type of product that has been produced.

What is a positively charged silver ion?

When a gentle flow of current is passed through pure silver in a liquid, the natural silver atom’s outer electron field is changed creating a positive silver ion.

What is a colloid?

Simply put, a colloidal mineral is the smallest particle of a substance that is still integral to itself. A true colloid will not bond with anything else in the solution and will remain in suspension. Colloidal minerals are so microscopic they cannot be filtered out.

What is the “colloidal” state?

The colloidal state is the only state for all living things. Our human blood is in a colloidal state. For proper healthy metabolism, all the fluids within and surrounding cells and tissues need to be in a colloidal state.

All nutrients in fruit and vegetables are in a colloidal state. To be utilized and absorbed by the body, all minerals and nutrients must be in a colloidal state.

What is “CSP” (“colloidal silver protein”)?

There is no such thing. By definition, the terms are mutually exclusive. You can either have colloidal silver or you can have a silver protein. You cannot have a combination – it is scientifically impossible. If it so happens that a colloid bonds to any other substance, then it is no longer a colloid – since the atomic structure of the colloid has been altered.

What is a silver compound? Are silver compounds safe for us?

A silver compound is a natural silver atom(s) directly bonded or fused with another element or chemical compound. A compound will have completely different properties and effects than the two elements comprising the compound.

For example, both carbon and nitrogen are essential to life on this planet – and in their pure form have no toxicity whatsoever. In nature, they will not readily bond. But when forced to bond, we get a highly toxic substance called cyanide!

Some silver compounds, such as silver oxide or silver chloride, are harmless in the human body (yet demonstrate little if any benefit). Other compounds (which are artificially produced), such as silver acetate, silver nitrate, and silver arsphenamine can be extremely toxic in the human body.

500ml Colloidal Silver from Hadassah Healing Oils.

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