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Anneline De Hout - EL Workbook [Uncover Y-H-V-H]

R 185

EL Workbook is the second workbook in the UNCOVER Series

This book builds on the foundation laid in the Aleph-Bet Workbook - Uncover Hebrew Letters.

The EL workbook provides an opportunity for you to become comfortable with the Hebrew text as you study the character of THE LORD GOD (El Adonai) and to UNCOVER YHVH.

Spaces are provided throughout the workbook for you to practise Hebrew writing or to make notes. 


YHVH does not love us from afar, but He pursues and invites us to continually UNCOVER more of Him. 


Content :

  • UNCOVER the name YHVH
  • UNCOVER some of God's character traits
  • UNCOVER the "I will" proclamations found in Exodus 6
  • UNCOVER THE LORD'S appointed feasts. 
  • Bible verses in Hebrew and English - to practise reading and writing Hebrew text. 
  • An Aleph-Bet chart. 


EL Workbook Workbook was designed by Anneline de Hout, author and Sela administrator. 



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