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Fat Burner (Weight-Loss) 120 Capsules

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Fat Burner (Weight-Loss) 120 Capsules

Natural Herbal Supplement to assist the body increase metabolism and boosting adrenals glands. It naturally improves insulin sensitivity, while assisting the body to reduce fat deposit levels.

It also acts as a fat burner and improves digestion and nutrient absorption, while enabling the body to reduce water retention.

Research shows that some ingredients have properties for decreasing calorie intake, thereby assisting the body to shrink fat tissue and fight fat build-up by triggering beneficial protein changes in the body.

Some ingredients are known through research to act as appetite suppressants, thereby preventing the body from making and storing fat. Garcinia Cambogia is one such her that blocks an enzyme that converts carbohydrates into body fat, while being high in potassium it also naturally increases the body’s serotonin levels.

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain makes you feel good, uplifts the mood, and thereby decreases emotional eating and binging. Once the serotonin levels are high, a person has less need for starchy and sugary foods.

Research on some ingredients:
*Alpha-Lipoic-Acid: Appetite suppressant
*Artichoke: Fat deposits
*Astragalus: Increases energy. Improves nutrient absorption. Fat burner. Thyroid
*Cassia Bark: Fat burner
*Cayenne: For decreasing calorie intake. Shrinks fat tissue. Lowers fat levels. Fights fat levels. Fights fat build-up by triggering beneficial protein changes in the body. Increases thermogenesis in the body where the body burns fuel such as fat to create heat: good for metabolism & fat storage.
*Garcinia Cambogia: Appetite suppressant. Prevents the body from making & storing fat. Blocks an enzyme that converts carbohydrates into body fat. High in potassium. Increases the body’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes you feel good: increases mood & decreases emotional eating
*Gymnema Sylvestre: Lowers Blood sugar. Sweet cravings. Speeds up weight loss. Binds to taste receptors on the tongue
*Green Tea: Appetite suppressant. Fat burner. Boosts metabolism. Thermogenic weight-loss.
*Hawthorn Berry: Adrenals & Thyroid. Fat metabolism. Reduces blood fat. Improves circulation. Helps with stagnant, undigested food accumulated in the stomach. Improves blood circulation. Strengthens heart.

Directions for use 

1-4 capsules 3x daily.
30min before meals.


Not suitable for pregnant woman.
Protect from sunlight.
Store below 25°c.

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