Ancient Biblical Oils

Frankincense Resin

R 430

Frankincense resin can be used as a tonic or taken as a tablet. It can also be burnt as incense to treat different ailments.

Consuming resin may assist with: 

  • Pain, infections, inflammation, IBS, colds & flu, respiratory infections, anxiety and depression.
  • Hormone imbalance, fatigue, concentration, weight management, constipation, diarrhoea, bacterial infections, stiff joints and migraines. 

Directions for use:

- Swallow a 5mm piece, 1-3 times daily after meals.
- Resin water: Take 1mm piece and dissolve in 250ml warm water and leave overnight.
- Suitable for children under 6 years old [5-10ml twice a day only].

Weight: 50g or 100g

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