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Fransi Van Wyk - Financial Freedom & Stewardship

R 350

What gives believers the most grief in their lives?

Their finances.

"As a counsellor, I pray for people’s financial problems all the time.  I see first-hand how a curse of poverty turns Christians into slaves.  I used to be in the same boat.  I went through two bankruptcies.  I know the sleepless nights of agonising over money.  I know the turmoil of trying to pay the tithe – when you cannot even pay the bills!

My finances only improved once I learned the secret to handling money God’s way.  When I tapped into His provision, God met all my needs, all the time, without fail.

In this book, I’m going to show you in a practical way how to:

  • Tithe to step into the floodgates of blessing.
  • Give Firstfruits as Heaven’s ‘insurance policy’.
  • Use Seed Offerings to meet your needs.
  • Give Alms to transform your community.
  • Trade with Heaven to connect to your destiny.
  • Break the Curse of Poverty – and turn it into a blessing.

This isn’t a book of theory, but of proven methods.  They’ve brought breakthrough to countless believers and will work for you too – if you give them a chance.

Decide to walk in the Financial Freedom & Stewardship – and make Heaven’s abundance your own!" - Fransi van Wyk


Softcover. Available in English. 


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