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Goodnight Cellulite

R 285

Essential oils was created to enter the bloodstream when rubbed into the skin with a carrier oil. We researched the best essential oils to treat cellulite.

Ingredients: Black Pepper, Juniper Berry, Fennel, Grapefruit, Lemon, Almond and Pomegranate Oil.

Essential Oils used:
- Black Pepper: increases circulation
- Juniper Berry: helpful for cellulite and fluid retention
- Fennel: has a diuretic effect that helps to disperse cellulite.
- Grapefruit: has diuretic properties, helping to remove excess water from the body and is therefore also great for treating cellulite.
- Lemon: can be very beneficial to the circulatory system and aids with blood flow and also cleanses the body.
- Carrier Oils: Almond Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil.

How to use:
This synergistic blend should be used at night. It should be used only in the mornings if the skin will not be exposed to the sun. Lemon and grapefruit essential oils are phototoxic which means that it makes skin hazardously sensitive to sunlight.

Available in a 50ml. 

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