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I Love Chai Menstrual Pain Blend

R 100

I Love Chai Menstrual Pain Blend

A ready to use natural anti inflammatory blend of Clary Sage in Extra Virgin Olive oil.

I Love Life's Menstrual Pain blend uses Clary Sage Essential Oil which is the number one oil to balance the female endocrine system.
This gentle, sweet-smelling oil helps restore harmony to women's hormones and
an almost euphoric pleasure to the mind and emotions.
It also relieves cramps and the pain of childbirth. Because it balances estrogen production, Clary Sage increases breast milk production and regulates
hormone levels during menopause.
Helps with menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, uterine conditions, ovaries together with olive oils immune boosting and bone health properties.
Ingredients: Clary sage, Olive oil 3% Blend.

Comes in a 50ml glass bottle. 
Directions for use: External use only
Apply a few drops to the lower abdomen 3 times daily or as needed. After topical application bring your hands to your nose and take a few deep breaths.

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