Lulu Bee

Lulu Bee - Botanique Massage Bar

R 300

Lulu Bee - Botanique Massage Bar

Indulge with Botanique Massage Bar, a moisturising lotion bar enriched with botanical oils, chosen for their blood circulation abilities. A natural muscle relaxant helping to ease tension. Beeswax nourishing properties relieves dry skin.

What is a Botanique Massage Bar?                                                                                        It is a moisturising massage balm, which can be applied or massaged onto anywhere on the body. Botanique Massage Bar embodies natures inspiration through artistic expression and form. 100% hand-crafted.

Melts tension away                                                                                                          Infused with plant allies of Cape Snowbush a natural muscle relaxant, assists in relieving painful spasms in the muscles. Let the massage lotion bar melt away tension headaches, stiff shoulders, back ache and relieve sore feet. Gently work pressure points, whilst receiving skin nourishment.

The shape of the bar makes it a dual purpose, massage tool for:

Integrated body work

  • Supports lymphatic flow
  • Fascia release tension
  • Reduce hand fatigue/ carpal tunnel relief

A purposeful gift if your looking to impress! Or a pleasure tool for sensual massage with your partner.

Crafted in small batches to ensure the finest quality and integrity are created for you to experience

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