Hadassah Healing Oils

Lungs and Sinus Herbal Supplement

R 390

Hadassah Healing Oils - Lungs and Sinus Herbal Supplement 

Herbs used in this product contain properties that are used to assist the body to clear the sinuses and lungs from congestion and irritation. Eyebright works on the upper respiratory system, while Coltsfoot clears phlegm from the lower parts of the lungs.

The ingredients used in this product are known to loosen and expel phlegm and relieve a post-nasal drip and sore throat.


Recent studies show that the herbs used in this product have properties that are widely used to relieve symptoms of flu and sinusitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, and post-nasal drip.

Ingredients are known to alleviate irritation and itchy eyes and are often used as a natural antihistamine. Research further shows success in using the herbs for excessive coughing, pain, removal of phlegm, mucus, catarrh, sore throat, and asthma. It is often used to treat hypersensitive mucous membranes of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat and to reduce fever.

COLTSFOOT: Expels catarrh from the lower lungs, and is used to produce a cough in order to get rid of mucus. If the tincture is used in time, the coltsfoot in combination with eyebright prevents phlegm from getting into the lungs.

EYEBRIGHT: Very effective in clearing and draining sinuses, and clearing eustachian tubes. It drains and cleans the sinuses and relieves congestion. Assists with eye irritation. Can be used externally for conjunctivitis / pink eyes, and snake venom after a cobra spat in the eyes. Make in a tea, cool off, strain, and use as eye drops in the eyes.

HYDRANGEA ROOT: TH17 blocker to prevent an autoimmune reaction.

JUNIPER BERRIES: Antihistamine. Anti-septic. Cystitis. Flatulence. Colic. Coughs. Colds.

LOBELIA: Specific treatment for Asthma attack, bronchial spasm, irritation. Bronchodilator.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT: Sinus. Coughs. Laryngitis. Sore throat. Soothes/heals mucus membranes. Builds up mucus membranes throughout the body.

OLIVE LEAF: Allergies. Powerful antioxidant. Colds. Flu. Yeast infections. Herpes. Shingles. Fatigue. Spleen. Viruses & Retroviruses. Bacterial infections.

SLIPPERY ELM: Coughs. Sore throat. Diarrhea. Stomach. Coats/soothes mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines. Builds up mucus linings throughout the body


Directions for use : 

1-3 Capsules 3x daily 30 Minutes before meals. Servere cold or sinus: First day every hour

Warning : 

Not suitable for pregnant woman.
Protect from sunlight.
Store below 25°c.




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