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MMS Kit (Chlorine dioxide solution)

R 250

MMS Kit (Chlorine dioxide solution)

30ml MMS (Sodium chlorite to make Chlorine dioxide solution) and 30ml HCL activator (4% Solution)

Directions: 1 drop MMS to 1 drop HCL allow to react for 30sec then use accordingly.

Used for infections, bacterial, viral or fungal, also used to purify water.

For very interesting ways to use MMS please visit and get the training book MMS Health Recovery Guidebook by Jim Humble. Also do a google search for CDS protocol's or send us an email requesting information

Keep away from children, sun light.

Never mix undiluted MMS and DMSO together.

Chlorine Dioxide is not household bleach it is a totally different substance. Chlorine Dioxide is ClO2 and household bleach is NaOCl or NaClO.

"Because of the chemical nature of chlorine dioxide (MMS), it destroys harmful microorganisms at the same time, leaving behind only a few grains of plain table salt, discharged oxygen atoms, and dead micro-organisms, which the body can easily wash out of the system” - Jim Humble

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