MUD Masque

R 50

Diana's Bulbinella Mud Masque 100ml


Benefits :

100% pure Calcium Clay has a large varied mineral content. It has a negative electrical attraction for positively charged particles. In the human body various toxic poisons are positively charged.

Detoxes body from toxins, heavy metals, impurities & chemicals. Enjoy the luxury of Spa treatments in the privacy of your own home: DETOX facial masque, Spa DETOX Bath, Spa DETOX Shower.

Side Effects:

  • People with iron intolerance should not use Calcium Clay.
  • Only use plastic & wooden utensils.

Spa Face Masque:

  • Make a paste of Calcium Clay and water. Apply to face. Leave on max 15min. Wash off. 
  • Spa Detox Bath: Add ¼ - 1 cup to bath. (Pulls toxins from body through pores of skin). 
  • Spa Detox Shower: Make a paste, apply to whole body. Leave on max 15min. Wash off.
  • Oral Health: Brush teeth with Calcium Clay to remove toxins, provide minerals and whiten teeth. Rinse thoroughly.


Apply paste to breasts. Repeat hourly until infection is gone. Safe for pregnant & lactation women (external use only).

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