Eliah’s Lamp

Nadia van der Sandt - His Beloved: A Novel

R 340

Celine leads a simple and private life as librarian and fills her weekends teaching piano. Her French mother who had cemented her faith and core values passed away when she turned twelve, bringing Celine’s teachings about Yahuah to a complete halt.

The distance grows wider between her and Yahuah, nearly to a point of her forsaking her entire faith altogether. She finds solace in her work, best friend, and her grandmother, whos health takes a turn.

Unable to confide in her distant father, she visits her grandmother in her home country.

Searching for answers to a void and anger she carried for far too long, she embarks on a journey, doing her best to avoid Yahuah in the process.

Through a series of life-changing events Yahuah gently guides her back to the place where she starts to hear His still small voice again and is reminded of His indescribable love for her.

Available in English. 

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