House Of Ariel Gate

Natasha Grbich - Repentance: Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline

R 395

Jesus Christ bought us with His blood and we do not belong to ourselves. He paid the price on Calvary for us to come into the fullness of our destiny, but it remains our responsibility to deliver ourselves to God.

We must CHOOSE to repent and break all of the agreements / contracts / covenants that we have entered into through personal sin or inherited from our forefathers.

This process of cleansing our bloodlines is a long one that requires diligence and perseverance. He has already done it at the cross, but we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Natasha Grbich draws on more than 30 years of experience in bloodline deliverance prayer to give us guidelines to do this. This is not just a book to read, but rather a manual to work and pray through, together with the Holy Spirit.

If you are wanting to go to a new level in God, this manual will be invaluable to you!

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