House Of Ariel Gate

Natasha Grbich - Travailing Intercession

R 375

Both our Lord and the devil know there isn’t anyone on earth more powerful than a travailing intercessor who truly knows how to pray effectively.

God stands ready to open heaven to those believers who learn the art of intercession. Angels await divine instructions that will cause the darkness over our families, our nations and the world to be pierced by marvelous breakthrough.

On the other hand, the enemy is absolutely terrified at the thought this could happen. He knows it would release God’s best for us and for our families. Marriages would be healed and financials fortunes reversed. Nations would be changed and set free.
It is for this reason that he has done everything he can to discredit the intercessory prayer ministry and cause so much misunderstanding to surround it.

Natasha has done an remarkable job in teaching us how to explore these exciting new dimensions of prayer and intimacy with God.
She does so in a way that is wonderfully helpful to us by breaking down this mysterious aspect of prayer into practical steps any believer can follow and come to love.
Reading this book will leave you feeling as though you have opened a door and taken a step into another world, marvelous and life-changing, that previously was only understood and accessible to a select and chosen few.

"I should point out this book isn’t about theory or hypotheticals. Natasha leads an incredible group of intercessors who have for years been journeying through these extraordinary realms of life changing territory. I have prayed with them on many occasions and been blessed by them. You not only need this book, it needs to sit beside your Bible and be picked up and referred to often. It will help change who you have been in prayer into the incredible and powerful world changer you were created to be by God."- Dr. R. Heard, PhD.

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