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Natasha Gribich - The Protocol of The Kingdom

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Paul calls us ambassadors of Heaven. An ambassador is a person who is chosen to represent his or her government in a foreign country. We are pre-destined and ordained to represent God’s Kingdom here on earth. Jesus was sent to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. He is the first ambassador and we are called to be like Him.

At the age of twelve, He knew that He had to be “about His Father’s business”. He also knew that He had to be subject to His earthly parents who were His delegated authority. Our training programme is similar. I believe that extensive protocol training is the order of the new day. Kingdoms and governments are waiting to hear from Heaven’s delegated ambassadors.

The Human Resources Department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven has a job designed exclusively for you. The tutors and governors are waiting to begin the training programme. Will you be on time?

Will you study to show yourself approved?

Perhaps you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?


Endorsement by Dr. Richard Heard:

At last, there is a manual to teach us the role of protocol in administrating the governmental authority of heaven. In her excellent book, entitled The Protocol of the Kingdom, Natasha Grbich explains with remarkable insight, how to fulfil our role as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God in the earth. At the same time, while you read you cannot help but come to better realisation, why in the past, we have not been as effective as we might have wished.

Protocol is important. Governments understand well the need to follow proper protocol and even have departments dedicated to making certain their representatives do so carefully. Before ambassadors and other diplomatic staff are sent to the various countries where they will represent their respective governments, they are thoroughly schooled in every aspect of this important science. Why? The failure to observe protocol could, and indeed in the past has led to international incidents that were both embarrassing and even dangerous. At the very least, these oversights have rendered diplomats ineffective and hindered the success of their mission.

Natasha shares with us how the government of heaven also requires a certain etiquette be followed that we may be effective in our role as representatives of Christ and His Kingdom. She then guides us through the procedures that we should follow. Beginning with the proper way that we should approach our great King, to the manner in which we should address the forces of the kingdom of darkness, and even how churches and ministries as fellow ambassadors should relate to one another, she helps us understand not only the protocols of the kingdom that we should follow, but additionally she explains why they are important to the success of our mission.

This book is much needed by believers today and I was blessed when I read it.

I promise, you will be too.

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