Healing Grace

Natural Anointing Shampoo

R 245

"My entire plan was blown out of the water when I felt guided by the Spirit to create this formula, using the holy anointing oil ingredients mentioned in Scripture in Exodus,  Initially I was VERY disappointed when I couldn’t use “my” oils because they were exactly what we needed for amazing results with your hair and scalp but I was humbled and amazed when the fantastic benefits of these oils were revealed to me after submitting to this formula.  Of course, the spiritual and healing connection to these oils are also so profound.” - Healing Grace

This product is 100% NATURAL.  Surfactant free (so no SLES, Sulphates etc.) 

Made from vegetable oil, vegetable glycerine and ESSENTIAL OILS.  NO fragrance oils.

“It takes a wash or two for your hair to get used to this product and to get rid of all the built-up chemicals, but you will fall in LOVE with it quickly. 

Just a reminder to add some extra water to help boost foaming as it doesn’t contain any of your standard toxic chemical foaming agents.” - Healing Grace

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