Olivia Ami Prayer Shawl

R 740

Olivia Ami Prayer Shawl - Grafted into Yisrael

A prophetic covering calling forth your Identity.  Arise dry bones.


"...they shall call on My Name and I shall hear them.  I will say; 'It is My People,' while they say, 'Yahuah Elohai.'"  ZEC 13.9b

YHUH is faithful to His covenant with Yisrael.   He is calling forth His people, gathering them from the nations and will unite them as one new man.

The house of Yisrael will be united with the House of Yehudah and the remnant of the 12 tribes of Yisrael will be a fruitful olive tree before Elohim, producing oil and light for the nations.

The olive tree represents the new covenant Yisrael and the 12 different shades of green is symbolic of the 12 tribes.

This is the promise and the inheritance of Abraham and Sarah.

Yisrael, My people, my fruitful Olive Tree.

ROM 11 & EZE 37

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