Organic Artemisia Annua A3

R 325

Artemisia annua anamed (A-3) is a special breed plant (not genetically modified). 

Artemisia boasts the following:

- Antiviral Ingredients – inactivate viruses.
- Immune Boosting Ingredients – Increasing immunity through natural killer cells.
- Essential Oils - Strengthen and protect the respiratory tract.
- Prevention of the cytokine storm.

Artemisia is a very effective treatment for cancer. 

Tumour cells have something in common with malaria parasites: They accumulate an excess of iron.

Tumour cells have something in common with HIV: They can be fought by a strong immune system.

Both artemisinin and A-3 tea destroy cells with a high iron concentration because of their oxygen radicals. Artemisinin and A-3 Tee both strengthen the immune system.

Antitumor effect of artemisia A-3 is possible because it has altogether a positive effect, being:

- antiviral
- antibacterial
- antiphlogistic (reduces inflammation)
- detoxifying, through increased urination
- detoxifying, through stimulating the production of enzymes.

It has a direct effect on:

- The artemisinin-radicals destroy the tumor cells.
- Angiogenesis is prevented and so the tumors are starved of blood. (A-3 restricts the growth of blood vessels that supply the tumors.)
- Natural killer cells are stimulated to fight metastases.
- It reduces the resistance of the body to chemotherapy.
- It increases the sensitivity of tumor cells to radiation.
- Metastases are less "sticky" and are therefore more likely to be destroyed before they attach to a new organ.

Contains 90 capsules. 

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