Desert Rose

Prof. Gerrie Bester - Mighty Men Of Valour

R 295

Faceless! The enemy has left mighty men faceless!

Where are the mighty men who are called to rise like Gideon? To stand in boldness of faith like Daniel?

The world is calling the Daniels by the name Belteshazzar, in whom ego and pride prevail. Gentlemen or barbarians? What does Abba Father desire for us? We were never called or instructed to entertain the enemy, yet we do. Why is this?

We men, often feel so broken, powerless and stripped of our God-given manhood. It seems impossible for us to grasp this vastly different, yet amazing, dream that there is for us in the heart of our heavenly Father.

We all have a past, but we have to allow our past to become our testimony and not remain our bondage or excuse. How do we accomplish this, mighty men? It’s time to dream again.

The time has come, mighty men of valour, for the walls to come down!

Not to be weakened by the enemy but be reinforced by the true Power and Authority. The power and authority released from the throne room of the King of kings. What is the true picture of a mighty man of valour, the one that Abba Father sees when He looks at us?

Or we may ask: How do we rise from being faceless to being fearless?

As we journey through this book, we take a deeper look at Abba Father’s dream for every man that is guaranteed to leave you breathless. Me, you may ask? Yes you, mighty man!

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