Desert Rose

Prof. Gerrie Bester - Virtuous Women - Where Have You Gone

R 295

If you could, for a brief moment, imagine the dream that God has for you as a painting, what would this painting look like princess of the Most High?

How does it compare to the painting you are currently staring at?

Everything you once aspired to be, now seems like a messy lump of paint not worthy of a canvas at all. Perhaps it is time to take another look – this time at the truth!

As Abba Father unfolds Proverbs 31, you will realize that it is so much deeper than you’ve ever imagined. It is more revealing than any mirror you have or ever will look into. It unfolds a breath taking masterpiece of dreams from the palette of the King of kings Himself.

It declares more about you than your wardrobe or jewellery box could ever do. More than the ministry you might think God has called you for.

It will reveal a depth of inner beauty as the vivid colours of His “love dreams” for you, merge on his canvas of purpose in your life!

Your prayers are so much more powerful than you ever thought.

"I invite you, warrior bride, on a journey of love."

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