Pure Heart

Pure Heart Pomegranate Stud Earrings

R 1,195

“A love for making silver jewellery that started more than 20 years ago became a hobby and later a tiny business...

The name Pure Heart came to me while melting silver and thinking of the verse in Psalm 66:10-12 which says: 'For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver...'

The Refiner's fire is melting away at our hearts and purifies us to reflect more of Him.” – Janissa [Owner of Pure Heart].

Pomegranates - The fruit of Yeshua's sacrifice. Every white seed covered by His blood. Collectively, each righteous one washed white to be His Priestly Bride.  

Size: Width: 8mm; Height: 10mm; Weight: 5.6g

 Available in silver & gold. 

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