Hadassah Healing Oils

Shingles Blend

R 495

Blend was formulated to aid in the healing of Shingles.

Not to be taken orally.

This blend can be topically applied over the rash area, as needed. 15 drops or more depending on the size of the affected area on the skin.

Use in conjunction with Natural Antibiotic Blend. Drink 1 capsule, once a day.

Also note of the Herbal Range

Skin Healing Cream 100ml or 250ml  – Herbal cream for skin problems to enhance the skin’s own ability to heal, and relief acne, eczema, itching, psoriasis, shingles, pimples and more.  Contains various oils, like grapeseed, aloe, hemp, baobab, and 20 essential oils.

Comes in a 30ml glass bottle with dripper pipet. 

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