Hadassah Healing Oils

Sinus and Allergy Inhaler

R 95

Hadassah - Sinus and Allergy Inhaler

As you inhale through the inhaler, the volatile molecules of the essential oil are released into your respiratory system, where they can interact with receptors in your nasal passages, lungs, and brain. This results in these molecules to be absorbed into the limbic system of the brain and travel through the central nervous system and also into the circulatory system.

Directions for use 

Inhale deeply once or up to three times daily, as necessary, through alternate nostrils.


Do not use it internally, Keep away from children , Do not put in direct sunlight or very hot temperatures as oil can evaporate . Make sure that you close the cap tightly to avoid oil leaking out, store in an upright position. These products can be used as much as needed during the day.


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